specialist in plastics small series
specialist in plastics small series
specialist in plastics small series
specialist in plastics small series

Research projects

We have mastered the entire production line in order to meet your needs and offer the best adapted solutions.

Integrated design office :

AMDI has all the required know how for the analysis of your project.



  • Drawing-up of the specifications.
  • Study on Catia V5.
  • Quick prototyping using 3D printer or machining in the required material.
  • Ecological design.
  • Master of electric and thermal conductor materials.


Currently each project is validated and rheology optimized. This way, the whole process is optimized and the quality can be garantied from the very first piece.

AMDI produces his own production and control means.


Versatile technicians, flexible machines

Integrated machining workshop :


Complete mastery of the computer assisted production, for :

  • 3 a. 5-axis machining centers
  • Turning
  • Wire spark eroding and cavity sinking

Completely palettised machinery :

  • HV 3- a. 5-axis machining centers
  • CN turning machine
  • Cavity sinking
  • Wire spark eroding
  • Presetting of the pallet system
  • Shrinkage fitting device
  • Tool presetter
  • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • Microscope
  • Laser cladding

Plastic injection

State of the art equipment for short run production ...

Integrated plastic injection workshop :


Main activities :

  • Appropriate solutions for each production stage, from the prototyping to the production in short and medium run.
  • Plastic injection of prototypes, short- and medium run with one material
  • Plastic injection of prototypes, short- and medium run with one material
  • Overmoulding of inserts
  • Ultrasounds welding
  • Vibration welding of technical hollow bodies
  • Ultrasounds welding
  • Vibration welding
  • Mastery of electronic housing sealing


Machinery :

  • Horizontal press 50T to 480T
  • Vertical press 50T
  • Automatic feeding device
  • Thermal regulation until 200°C
  • Vibration welding 250Hz
  • Ultrasounds welding 20 and 30kHz


Main material used :

  • PA6 PA6.6 PA 4.6 …
  • PA chargés verre, minéral, carbone …
  • POM
  • PP
  • SEBS
  • PU


Located in the heart of Beaujolais in the Rhône Alpes region, LabElysées is an industrial group of 6 companies that supply equipment and services for all industrial sectors. Labelysées employs 400 people and generates 60 million Euro in sales.

Are you a builder?


Do you want to save time and money on your building costs?
Are you looking to work with a single contact to create a complex subassembly, integrating plastics engineering, sheet metal manufacturing, cabling and mechanics?


Union is strenght !

LabElysees brings together many forms of savoir-faire. When working with our group, customers have just one contact for projects to produce subassemblies, integrating any of the following specialities :

  • AMDI : Plastics engineering
  • ROMAIRE : Industrial painting, sheet metal manufacture
  • SERVICA : Electronic cabling, moulding
  • PASQUIER FAVRE : Boiler making, maintenance
  • PRODIMECA : Mechanical welding, containers
  • SOTRADEL - GS Transports : Logistics, transports


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